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Louise-Michel - A Short Review

French co-directors Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine claim to be Belgian saying that although the French love French cinema the rest of the world is pretty ambivalent. If more French films contained the level of intelligence and humour found in Louise-Michel then French cinema would be displacing Hollywood in peoples affections.

This dark comedy contains some smart observations about the changing nature of employment and the world economy. But the movie is more than mere agit-prop. Some great performances particularly from Yolande Moreau in the lead role and a nicely observed cameo from Mathieu Kassovitz provide some real comic moments and perhaps create a new film genre: Franco-Belgian Anarcho Farce.

Ninety minutes of intelligent, hilarious and thought provoking entertainment. Maybe French cinema will be prepared to welcome Kervern and Delepine home.

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