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A link log of some things I've been reading recently.

Rochdale scrubs up pretty well

Fantastic photos of the restored Rochdale Town Hall. A place that figuratively and literally loomed over my childhood. Whilst at the same time the government plans to sell off these kinds of buildings.

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07/02/2024 permalink

The past is a foreign country.

I'm not sure why this resonated with me so much. Maybe it's the down to earth way that 'Fred' describes what is clearly a job that is beyond the capability of most people. Or the fact that this happened in my lifetime, but in a way that seems from another time - with no health and safety considerations, beyond taking a cigarette break every now and then. There's a touch of Callum's Road about Fred's attitude that anything is possible if you just get on with it.

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07/09/2023 permalink

Jan Pieńkowski (1936 - 2022)

Jan Pieńkowski is one of those childrens illustrators or authors who provides a link between my childhood and my childrens childhood. "Haunted House" was one of my favourites, as well as of course Meg and Mog. Someone who had a huge impact on storytelling, illustration and bedtimes!

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21/02/2022 permalink

No 10 plans to lower salary level at which graduates start repaying loans

Government believes too many students are racking up debts studying “soft” 3-year university courses in arts and social sciences, and is looking to funnel more 18 year olds towards technical training that is cheaper and will pay a faster economic dividend.

It probably was “soft” compared to some degrees, but I learnt an awful lot of “soft” skills that have proved way more important than the technical skills that I learned on the job.

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27/09/2021 permalink

MKGeek Night, my local tech meet-up.

My local tech meet-up, nice breadth of topics and a good group of participants - hosted at the always excellent MK Gallery.

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20/09/2021 permalink

Home computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

My friend Chris, from over the road, had a ZX Spectrum. It was an absolute marvel and embedded somewhere in my brain the idea that computers were something you could use to create things.

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16/09/2021 permalink

How R/GA Is Bringing AI to Brand Naming

As always with agency hype around AI, the article reads better if you ignore the references to AI and just assume this is good old Machine Learning (and quite possible Linear Regression) - but if anyone can pull this off it's probably R/GA. Great to see what Rob and the team have been working on.

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16/09/2021 permalink

The Mentorship Diamond

The idea that one person, your manager, is going to be the oracle on your career is a bit optimistic. Mentees all round!

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16/09/2021 permalink

The Case for ‘Developer Experience’

If you're an engineering lead business and you make vendor and toolset choices that don't take account of the impact on the team it's not likely to go so well.

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16/09/2021 permalink

Optimizing a homepage image from 10MB to 78KB

Great deep dive into image optimisation - and a reminder that really delivering on web performance often takes expertise and diligence that's hard to deliver at scale.

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15/09/2021 permalink

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