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Javascript & Me

A little while ago I wrote about some of the tools I’ve been using, but my most frequently used tool, isn’t really a tool, but a programming language which has become my default way of solving problems with software. Javascript.

The benefits, convenience and inevitability of Javascript have been well documented - to the point of ’overwhelm’. It’s not just the ubiquity of the language that’s making it the tool of choice for agencies, start-ups and corporate teams alike (though as someone who helps build agency teams, being able to double down on a single language for front-end and backend development is pretty handy). For me it’s the quality of the tooling (with the likes of PM2 and Gulp becoming part of my standard toolkit), and also the community that supports, builds and shares around this common eco-system.

It’s easy to find people who decry the rise (and rise) of JavaScript. When I started my first web job 17 years ago, it was impossible to imagine that you’d be able to get JS to run consistently in a couple of browsers (with a touch of document.write) never mind power an in cabin airline experience and more. With the rapid adoption of the latest versions of JavaScript, and the continued evolution of the language, I’ve got a terrible feeling I’m going to be writing more and more javascript for a while to come. 

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