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Pictures from Day 4 and Day 5 online. All the picures from the trip are on flickr.

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Gourmet lunch, Norway style. More day 3 pictures online.

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Day 2 pics from Norway 09 boarding trip. Chilled out day, with a home spun kicker session, which we hit during the day - and then took a lamp and hit in the dark.

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Norway 09 boarding trip. Day 1 Pictures on flickr

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Oslo: Operahuset

Like a glacier sliding into Oslofjord, the opera house is a stunning piece of modernist architecture that stands in a corner of Oslo that is steadily being regenerated.

But it’s not just the location that is refreshing. The Operahuset is designed to be a platform, not just for opera but for people. You can walk up the mountainous slopes that make up the outer walls or stand on the different rooftops at the top of the building and gaze out across the bay. The building embodies the openness and belief in democratic access to the arts by the Norwegian national opera and ballet.

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Springtime @ Hovden, Norway

Boarding at Hovden. It’s probably the mountain I’ve ridden more than any other, from freezing night boarding in -20° temperatures to picking my way along in flat flight and great fresh powder days. But this was the first time I’d here ridden in spring conditions. Too warm for a jacket, great views and a brilliant day out on the mountain. Thanks Luke. 

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